Friday, June 18, 2010

Adam's Speedy B-Day Party

Planning Adam's 30th Birthday was really easy!!! All he wanted to do was have a steak and go to Speed Street!! DONE and Done. Of course it involves a yummy cake and lots of friends. Had a great time. Here are some pictures of the evenings event!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! Sure do love ya!!The Happy Couple!! - Congrats!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini Golf Tourny!!! - Bring it on!

As Jennie mentioned we have an exciting night playin a little MG!! That is Mini Golf for you newbies to the sport!! It was a pretty intense game... and I must say the best game OF MY LIFE. Everyone said I should look into a Mini League!! I just might after this night. Jennie on the other hand... Keep practicin! JK JEN!! LOVE YA! Good times had by ALL that joined us!
WARNING - Picture overload!! Get use to it!! :)
Check out that sweet shot....
Who is excited to play golf??? ... ME ME ME!!!

Excuse me.. Do you know where I can find a restroom??

Morgan can pull off the hot golfer!!Hole - In - Oners!!!

Now onto the next FLAVOR!!!

Kiddy Pool Fun

Nothing starts summer off like a nice dip in the KIDDY POOL!! Yep you heard me - KIDDY POOL! And there was nothing else either of us wanted to do but this!
We had SO MUCH FUN we are going to do it many more time!!
The Pool!!

Blowin' Up the pool!!
The Endless Fun in the POOL!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Pics

Hello, I want everyone to know that Natalie took pictures of our adventure on Saturday and they still haven't made it on to the blog. :)  It was a good summer adventure and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and all the company that participated.  We went to dinner at Ogden Pizzeria and then played a round of mini golf.  It's been about 16 years or longer since I have played mini golf and that is about how long it took us to play as well.  There were nine of us and we all golfed together.  It may not be legal to do that but hey, that's how we roll! Livin' on the edge in these parts.
P.S. I here thunder and I went running in the rain tonight.  It is a wonderful summer evening!  

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Here is the list of all the awesomeness we plan to pick from:
Go to the drive- In
Hit a bucket of balls
Make a music video
Movie Marathon
Dirt Road Dinner
Fly Kites
Make a bird feeder
Tie-Dye a T-Shirt
Make homemade ice cream
Blow bubbles at a park and swing
Have a water fight
Rent a convertible
Play soccer
Lie on a hammock
Scavenger hunt
Watermelon spitting contest
Sidewalk chalk someone
Pudding Painting
Make root beer floats
Swimming and boating
Run through the sprinklers Excited
Jump in a pool with our clothes on
Go shooting
Go hiking
Night Games
Weekend in Bear Lake
Play rock band
Make pottery
Aunt Date Night
Go to a ball game
Watch a meteor shower
Play a prank
Watch fireworks
Go to the temple
Learn a new recipe
Play in the Rain
Sleep out on a Tramp
Go Toilet Papering
Penny Tapping
Well... there is "The List". It is much more that 31 things to do so we will have a hard time deciding!! Feel free and join us or help us add the "The List"
Look how excited we are to get started!!

Ready... Set... GO!!!

A couple weeks ago I (Natalie) was thinking about what things I had planned for the summer.... My mind drew a complete blank!!! Besides the cruise I was going on with my work (and paid for by work) I had NOTHING going on. I decided I was going to go crazy if I didn't do anything and also decided that I had NO or little money to do much. With all this heavy on my mind I decided to enlist the help of my 3 bestest buddies!! I knew they would never let me down with great ideas and all the sudden "31 Flavors Of Summer" was born!!
Why 31 you may ask? Well I figured we could do a couple things a week and it is officially about 15 weeks until I turn the whopping 31!! YIKES! Along the way Morgan will be turning the dreaded 30 and Jennie will be joining me (before me) in the older and wiser 31 year of age!!! So let it begin!!
So here are the Stats:
Participates: Natalie, Morgan, Jennie, Emily and anyone who wants to join us!!
2 or 3 Fun things from "THE LIST" a week
Photograph all exciting times
Blog about the experience

Get Ready for some fun!!