Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Bird House FLAV!

So check it! My sweet bird house. Being out of a job really sucks! Good thing I have such a great distraction! Ryan! What a fun guy! When he saw our list of 31 flavors of summer he insisted that we get to work! First project - Bird House! Really proud of it. More proud that Ryan went to Michael's and we stayed there for about an hour finding the best things for this project. Ryan was a little more into it than I was! We have also done some other things but I didn't take any pictures. We made root beer floats, and had a movie Marathon.

The Hike

Jennie and I decided to be ambitious and took a hike up Waterfall Canyon last week. Needless to say we found out how out of shape we are. We decided to take a couple of pictures before so we could prove that we went, because the aftershots would've been less than flattering...ha ha.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Job Bear Lake Flavor!!

Well now that I dont have a job I find it a lot easier to do some things on "The List"!!! I was able to spend some time in Bear Lake with my cute sister Rebecca and her family! LOVE my nephews!

Mexico Flava Flav

Morgan and myself have a bunch of fun on a work cruise to Mexico! This was one great flavor! We had a ton of fun... regardless of being a work function, we had ourselves a good time!!

Saturday Swim Day - Yummy Flavor!!

Saturday Swim Day has been a long ongoing tradition! The weather has not been the greatest over the last couple months, so we were lucky today!! Not much too it but laying around a killer pool and shootin' the breeze!!! Added the pleasure of having Jake join us!